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Deja Vu is offering Locals-Only Shopping Tuesday Mornings!

Hi! We have heard from locals that they have been staying away from downtown Steamboat due to out-of-town visitors who are visiting from states with high rates of CoVid-19. To help with this concern, we are offering locals-only shopping on Tuesday mornings from 9am-10am! What you need to know... the front door will be locked, so you must enter through our back door, which will be open. Please make sure to wear a mask and maintain a 6-foot distance. We will limit the number of people in the store, so please understand that there MAY be a wait. If you have fall consignments, you may drop them off during this time ONLY if you are shopping. This time is reserved for local shoppers only! Parking is available on the street. Please do not park in the Lincoln Center Employee spots. They don't like that. Thanks and we hope you come see us!

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