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Make more money as a Deja Vu VIP Consignor!

Posted on November 09 2018

Every January 1st, Deja Vu reviews all 6100+ consignor accounts. Any account who has sold more than $2000 in the past year, will become a VIP Consignor for the following year!

Deja Vu VIP's get great perks!

1. Unlimited drop-offs! Drop off anytime the store is open!

2. No need to hang up your freshly washed items. Feel free to bring them in a bin if you wish!

3. A higher commission! VIP consignors earn 45% of the final selling price instead of 40%!

Please remember that all items must be RECENTLY CLEANED and in like-new condition. VIP status is good for the following calendar year. 

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