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I dropped of clothes... where are my consignments?

"I dropped my items off, and didn't receive an inventory list." We hear it a lot these days! So...here is what to expect after you drop of your consignments:

First we let them sit for 48 hours. After that, we inspect every single piece, decide what we can sell, and then price the item. Right now, you should expect to receive your inventory list in 3-7 days.

We want to sell your stuff so that you make money and we make money! Obviously the cleaning and preparing of clothing and shoes must be done by you, the consignor. Even if we had a full staff, we don't have the woman power to clean, de-fuzz, steam, spot-treat etc. the hundreds of items we receive every day! 

So, if you have dropped off clothes and haven't received an email from us stating what we accepted, please be patient. We are working as fast as we can! 

Thanks! -Molly

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