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How to Consign with Deja Vu



Consignment hours:12-5 Mon-Sat.
CLOSED 4/17-4/25/2021.

You can "Drop N Donate" OR "Drop N Shop!"

PLEASE clean items just before bringing them in. THE #1 reason why we can't accept items is that they have not been recently cleaned.

Bring your items on hangers or neatly folded in a box. Free hangers, boxes, and paper bags are available for you inside our back door. PLEASE NO GARBAGE BAGS!

Let us know if you want us to donate or return items that we cannot consign for you. Donated items will be donated to one of our charitable partners such as Casey's Pond, Routt County Cattle Women, Craig Community Budget Center,. If you wish to get your "No thank you" items back, please pick them up within 24 hours after you are notified that you have items to pick up.

When we price your consignments, you will receive an inventory list of what items were accepted on consignment. You can always check your consignment account online, or by calling 970-879-9056.

Deja Vu does not throw anything in the landfill. All items that cannot be resold will be responsibly recycled.

Current Consignment Hours:

12-5 Monday - Saturday. No appointment needed.



  • We accept costume and fine jewelry. This includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
  • To make the most money, please make sure jewelry is not tarnished, broken, missing any pieces, and prepared it neatly. We will buy your jewelry upfront or consign it for you, based on the value of the piece.
  • Please bring us no more than 10 pieces per week unless other arrangements are made.

We consign seasonal items based on the calendar below...*

Consignment Calendar
*Dates may be adjusted slightly depending store needs. 

    Find out how your items are selling:

    To find out how your items are selling, login to the Consignor Portal. Your password is your email address. Checks are available upon request, or use your money to shop in the store! Free shopping is always fun!