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Consigning with Deja Vu is EASY!

New Consignors: Book your appointment here! (NEW CONSIGNOR appointments are required beginning 1/1/2023.)
Come to the back of the store, say hello, & drop your items! We want to accommodate everyone! So, we have a maximum of 20 like-new, on-trend, seasonal, men's & women's pieces per week for existing consignors (not including VIP consignors). ALL Items must be freshly cleaned, odor free, wrinkle-free, & neatly folded prior to dropping off. If needed, use a lint roller, de-pill sweaters, remove all pet hair, & check buttons & zippers!
We’ll take those shoes! But, buyers can be very picky about putting their feet in other people's stinky shoes, so please clean your footwear thoroughly -- inside & out. 
We’ll check out your items as soon as we can! We make sure items meet Deja Vu’s high standards of quality. If your items don’t make the cut, it’s nothing personal, we are judging the clothes to determine if they can be sold, we are not judging you! We’ll either return unaccepted items to you or donate them for you - just let us know your preference when you come in to consign. Deja Vu does not throw anything in the landfill.
Some of your items were accepted, GREAT! now what? Once we’ve priced your consignments, you’ll receive an inventory list email showing which items were accepted. From there, it’s easy to check if your items have sold by logging in to the Consignor Portal on our website. The Portal will show you sold items and how much money is in your account! Your password is your email address.
Your item sold -- Now it’s time to Cash in! When your item sells, we’ll credit your account. You can request a pay out any time or use your balance to shop in store since free shopping is always fun!! See our consignor tips to make the most $$! 
Bring in the Bling! Deja Vu consigns and buys jewelry, too. We accept both costume & fine jewelry including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, & rings. Please make sure your neatly prepared jewelry is not tarnished, broken, or missing any pieces. We will either buy jewelry upfront or consign it for you, based on the value of the piece. Please limit jewelry to 10 pieces per week unless other arrangements are made.
So, what’s in season? Seasonal items break down like this: SPRING ( February thru March ) SUMMER ( April thru July ) FALL ( August thru September ) WINTER (October thru January ) *Dates may be adjusted slightly to accommodate store needs. SEE CHART BELOW.
Are you a VIP ConsignorVIP's get perks at Deja Vu! Sell more than $2000 in one year and you will get an additional 5% commission and unlimited consignments! We determine VIP status every Feburary 1st.
Sorry to say, but Deja Vu doesn't accept: Bridal wear • Kids clothing •WalMart or Shein brands or any unwashed, worn out, damaged, altered or shrunken clothing. 


Current Consignment Hours: 

12-5 Monday - Friday

We get very busy...please be kind.

Consignment Calendar

men's and women's Items which meet these consignment guidelines:

 Clean, freshly washed, and wrinkle-free

 On trend and in season

 Purchased new within the last 3 years,  (vintage and costume pieces are welcome too!)

 In new or like-new condition

You will make the most money on:

Women's tops
Sporty brands like Patagonia, Under Armour and Mountain Hardware
Current-style shoes and boots
Athletic and "athleisure" wear like leggings, 
Sterling jewelry ~ (Please separate jewelry from clothing when dropping off.)
Designer Handbags
Men's casual wear (no business wear)
Current styles seen in the stores now
items priced $289 or above receive 70%!

Deja Vu doesn't accept:

Bridal wear
Kids clothing
WalMart or SHEIN brands 
Unwashed clothing
Items that have an odor, are worn out, damaged, altered or shrunken
    top selling brands - chart

    Pro Consignor Tips- From real consignors!

    1. Deja Vu is known for being picky. Please look over your items carefully! If they don't take your stuff, it's only because they don't think it will sell. It's not personal.
    2. The better it looks, the faster it sells, the more money you make.
    3. Deja Vu WANTS to accept your items! But...unaccepted items will be donated or returned to you.
    4. Lint roll, remove all traces of pet hair, de-pill sweaters, check buttons and zippers and make sure it doesn't have any fragrance of any kind. Clean all footwear inside and out. People are very picky about putting their feet in other people's shoes. 
    5. Hang up your clothes with Deja Vu's free hangers and bring them in hung up. 

    Existing Consignors: Please bring in a max of 20 items per week on hangers or neatly folded. Unaccepted items will be returned to you OR donated; it's your choice.

    New Consignors: Bring a max of 10 items the first time you come in. We’ll get you started with the contact and explain how it works.

    *Some of our donation partners include Craig Community Budget Center, Routt County Cattle Women, LiftUp, and New Horizons.


    Terms of Contract:

    Thank you for choosing Déjà Vu Consignment Stores. Please read and understand the following agreement before consigning any merchandise with us. 

    1. Déjà Vu has the right to accept or reject any merchandise to be consigned. Acceptance does NOT guarantee the sale of consigned merchandise.
    2. Consignment Period: The contract term for all accepted merchandise priced under $289 is 60 days. Consigned items are automatically marked down 20% after 20 days, 40% after 40 days. Unsold, unclaimed items will become property of Déjà Vu after day 61. Deja Vu reserves the right to discount items prior to the mark-down dates. The consignment period begins the day the item is entered into the inventory system.
    3. Discounts: If a consigned item is later found to be defective: torn, soiled, stained, too dated, or damaged in any way, Déjà Vu reserves the right to pull it from inventory, donate it or sell it at a discount.
    4. Unsold items: If the consignor wants to reclaim any unsold item, it is their responsibility to find it and pull it from stock before the consignment period has ended. A $1.00 per item return fee will be applied. After the consignment period, all unsold, unclaimed items will be become property of Déjà Vu and will be donated or recycled responsibly.
    5. Commission: Déjà Vu pays the consignor 40% of the final selling price, before taxes. If an items is consigned for $289 or more, the consignor receives 70% of the final selling price and the item will have a 90 day selling period. Consignment accounts are reviewed once per year on Feb. 1st. Accounts which have earned $2000 or greater shall be paid an additional 5% commission on items sold that year and will have VIP status which comes with additional consignment perks. 
    6. Jewelry: Consigned jewelry becomes property of the store after 182 days. Deja Vu also buys jewelry outright and will put money into the consignor account once selected. Jewelry bought outright is not consigned. 
    7. Fees: Déjà Vu charges a nominal buyers fee per item that is not part of the consignor's revenue for percentage payment. Consignor may pick up a check once a month, or purchase things in the store. Lost consignor checks are subject to a $35 stop payment fee. Cleaning is charged at $1/minute.
    8. Pricing: Déjà Vu will price all merchandise to the best of it's ability, but is not liable for any loss due to theft, damage or pricing error. Consignors are allowed to set their own prices if they wish.
    9. Dormant accounts: Accounts that have had no activity after 2 years will have any account balance converted to store credit.

    Click the links for more current information on  what we are accepting OR to check your account.

    By becoming a consignor with Déjà Vu, you agree to all terms and conditions of this contract. Contract terms are subject to change.


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